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I am a technologist, software engineer and designer Available for remote, project-based work concerning Web Consulting, Prompt Engineering, Web Development and Prototyping. Email me with your project pitch!.

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I am a Multi-Webby winning web designer and developer who has also worked in environmental design, interface and fine art. I have developed software solutions for everything from gestural interface for musical instruments to tech platforms for open source intelligence. Over the past 7 years I've developed interfaces for machine learning applications, incorporating both new and mature technology back-ends.

Prompt Engineering

My software practice has focused on interfaces for AI for 7+ years. I have shipped consumer facing and enterprise products for Fi-Tech, Media and Business Intelligence applications. I can build custom interfaces and hone your AI models to ship faster and better.

Peruse my zine The Casino of Beauty to experience the thinking and vision behind the practical tools I use to harness AI.

Some recent Software:

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